Avalon, NSW

Avalon is one of the most beautiful residential addresses in the Northern Beaches – flanked by the open water on both sides and home to some of the best beaches in Australia, this is the place to be if your idea of a good time involves sand, sunshine and a board of some sort. Thinking of moving to your own piece of paradise in Avalon? Of course you are. Here are some facts about your new home which you might like to know.



Avalon Beach is a northern beachside suburb of Sydney, located in New South Wales. (Just a side note: if you want to blend in we suggest you refer to it as ‘Avalon’, but ‘Avalon Beach’ was assigned to the suburb during a change in boundaries and names in Pittwater in 2012).

Avalon is just 37 km away from the Sydney CBD and is a popular neighbourhood for those looking for a place to put down roots. Perhaps it’s that, or perhaps it’s the gorgeous scenery and laid-back lifestyle that keeps people in Avalon, but that fact is that many of the people we’ve moved here have found it to be the perfect spot to build a home and start a family.

Avalon had a recorded population of about 10,602 at the last census and one can certainly see the appeal of being one of those lucky few, as its surroundings, beach access and location are magnificent.


Avalon was named after the mythical paradise island of Avalon where legend tells us that the sword Excalibur was forged and King Arthur is buried. We’re yet to confirm that last part, but a ‘mythical paradise island’? Anyone who’s been for a walk on the beach can confirm that bit is absolutely true.

The ‘real’ Avalon was established in 1921 and was inhabited by the Garigal or Caregal people before that. The most significant periods of development in Avalon Beach were in the 1920s, the 1950s and, of course, today.

If you’re ever in the mood to see some of the earliest architecture have a look at Loggan Rock, the bizarre rock and wood house built by famous architect Alexander Stewart Jolly in 1929 which sits between Avalon and Whale Beach.


The atmosphere in Avalon beach can be described as relaxed, laid-back and homely, possibly because many of the residents are families (and possibly because it’s impossible to stay grumpy in an idyllic little town like this). The majority of the population in Avalon is married (57%), with roughly 22% being older couples with families, 19% established couples and 18% children under the age of 12.

Avalon’s location makes it a great place for water sports and beach activities; something which the locals take up with gusto. Not such a fan? Not to worry; the suburb also has lovely dining opportunities and boutique shopping experiences for those who are that way inclined, and the town has a charming ‘small town’ feel enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

Fun Fact:

An episode of the American television show, ‘Baywatch’, was once shot at Avalon Beach, but Avalon residents were not enthused by the influx of red spandex and silicone (life-saving devices) and following various complaints the series moved ‘The Hoff’ and his harem to Hawaii. The stringent anti-Baywatch protesters were led by former Pittwater mayor Alex McTaggart who gained popularity after the Baywatch snafu was subsequently elected to NSW State Parliament for two years.

Houses & real estate:

Avalon has a high demand residential market, with the median price for a house being around $1 300 000 (significantly higher than the NSW average of $572 000); a testament to the lovely setting and sought-after lifestyle.

Avalon has seen a steep rise in growth over the last 5 years and trends show that those who move to Avalon generally settle for some time.


  • Quiet, safe suburb
  • Beautiful beaches, including the seven mile beach
  • Areas of natural bush and great sea views
  • Small, friendly ‘hometown’ feel
  • Great surfing, paddle-boarding and water sports opportunities
  • Family orientated
  • Firmly Hasslehoff-free


Avalon, New South Whales, Sydney, Australia


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