Freshwater Beach

Freshwater is a suburb of Manly and the Northern Beaches.
At SmartMove Removals & Storage, we have been lucky enough to serve it’s residents for many years.

Recently, SmartMove facilitated the removal and storage of a 6 bedroom home, sitting over the top of the Freshwater cliffs.
The details of that move are below:

FEBRUARY 6th (Midday): FREE Delivery of Packing Materials

Including: 100+ Boxes, Tape, Tape Gun, Bubble Wrap, Packing Paper, Marker Pens

FEBRUARY 18th (08:00): Pre-Pack

Four members of our Female Packing Team spent 8 hours carefully packing up the entire Freshwater home into our SmartMove boxes with labels

FEBRUARY 19th (06:30): Removal

Six Removalists and Three Trucks arrive at the Freshwater home for a big day of moving.

Firstly, the boys packed in the items that were moving just across town to North Curl Curl. They dropped everything off before noon.

FEBRUARY 20th (12:00): Unpack

Our packing team came back to unpack those boxes that were facilitated for the short move.

FEBRUARY 20th (12:30 PM): Storage

The remaining items left in the house were to go to storage for 6 months.

The boys loaded those items into our storage modules and transported them back to the warehouse.

Those modules we’re then forklifted off the truck, saving the client 50% of time and costs for the loadout.

FEBRUARY 20th (5:30 PM): Finish

All trucks, teams, and items arrived safely back at the warehouse.


We have over 8 years of customer service in Freshwater and the greater Sydney area. So, if you are moving, de-cluttering, renovating or storing… SmartMove Removals & Storage can supply every kind of packing material and equipment you will ever need for moving or storing a house or office.

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